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All our stock A4 Laser labels can be printed using a Laser printer.  We offer Avery compatible laser Label sheets produced on top quality A4 laser guarneteed label sheets. This is a cost effective means of producing high quality variable information, like bar codes and address labels.

Your print can include Logo’s, Bar codes, Serial Numbers, Large Characters and even sub zero font size characters. The graphics capabilities that can be printed on our laser labels is black to all the colours of the rainbow, there is almost no limit to how they can be used to enhance your business image and productivity. With printing machines costing from as little as £50 to a staggering £1 million plus our laser labels, avery compatible labels A4 sheets are guarteed to work and perfect for your business needs.

Print speeds for desk top mono printers is typically 10-60 pages per minute and full colour print is available at only slightly slower speeds. Stand-alone machines are up to 200 pages a minute already and will no doubt get faster and provide even better quality. Its all a very long way away from the days of Golf Ball Typewriters and then dot matrix printers which whilst still available if you search hard enough are slow and produce what would now be regarded as totally unacceptable quality.

Specifically designed

There is a lot of concern from users about the heat generated onto avery compatible labels run in a laser printer! But have no fear, our labels are specifically designed to manage and operate in these temperatures, but it should be understood that the paper or labels or whatever you are printing on is only subjected to the temperature for a very short time. However, you should not experiment with putting other materials through your laser printer, some materials will melt and you should leave all the experimentation to us were have tested all our laser labels!

Furthermore we have a very wide range of materials, including Removable, Freezer, Block out, Glossy, Semi Glossy, Colours, Fluorescents, Metallic, and plastic grades in Tough White, Matt transparent and Gloss Clear. Which represents the widest, most developed range in Europe which is available either off the shelf or in guaranteed 5 day turnaround!

Best print resolutions

If your work requires the very best graphics output quality then rather than laser labels it’s inkjet labels you may want to look at Inkjet printers rather than laser printers or even the latest generation HP Indigo or Xiekon printers, though these are professional production machines costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. But for a small but committed band of demanding users, inkjet labels is the preferred option when image quality is the main priority. With best print resolutions being at 3 or times that of laser labels! However, to achieve this, the material you print on is critical and if a gloss finish is required it’s also very expensive!

However at the base level our standard stock of A4 laser labels sheet are suitable for Laser, Copier and inkjet labels printers!

The output quality would be similar to that achieved on standard letter writing paper or copier paper! So the standard laser labels ex stock material has been designed for low cost high volume print mostly on mono printers, but can also benefit from some splashes of colour, but if you want to make the most of a colour image or logo, move up a grade or two to our Semi Gloss (SGW) or Hi-Gloss (GW) products on your laser printer or our Hi Res (MWHR) or Photo Quality (GWPQ) materials for inkjet labels.

Our recommendation

The machinery manufacturers make many recommendations when using an A4 laser labels in their machines. These relate to the settings, the preferred tray you should run A4 laser labels from the way they are made, how they are packed, and of the operator of the laser labels printer. We have spent years developing these grades so that you don’t have to worry about all this stuff! Our recommendation for use is as follows: When your A4 laser labels are delivered, if you have the time leave them in their packaging for 48 hours near the laser printer they will run on!

This allows them to settle at the same temperature as the machine lives in and helps to ensure that there is no sudden curl from the temperature/humidity shock of coming off a cold van into a hot and often humid office. If you don’t have time, give them a go and most of the time all will be fine, but if they are a little troublesome, have some patience and give them that day or two!

All our sheet products in A4 laser labels sheets, A3 and SRA3 are supplied long grain which is specified as being the preferable of all current printers on the market!

How do you use laser labels & inkjet labels?

So now we come to putting laser labels & inkjet labels into the printer! At first, do nothing different, put them in the tray you want and at the standard settings you are already printing at, again for most people this works fine. However, if the print quality is not as good as you’d like, or there are a few jams, perhaps consider changing to the printers label settings! This will change the way the machines works to help ensure more reliable running and optimum print quality in regards to toner adhesion etc!

This is usually done from your print screen. There should be a screen button that says Options or Preferences etc and in there you can optimise the settings for material, print quality etc. On many machines these changes really do make a difference so please try these options if you have any difficulties.

Why adhesive Avery labels

Above all else, the use of adhesive Avery labels & laser labels provides a massive saving in time. They eliminate the use of the hand-writing of envelopes or the labeling of boxes as many can be printed at any one time with the same information or indeed different personalized information. There is no further need for horrendous sticky tape to apply hand-written pieces of paper as they have their own adhesive. Because they are computer generated the information that can be applied is limitless, you can add a picture, a photo even and the text will naturally be much clearer than often confusing hand-writing which prevents errors.

The uses for adhesive laser labels are practically endless, just think of all the instances when you need to advise someone of the same information over and over again – a change of address or other contact details, the contents of a box, invitations, reply envelopes etc. In all of these instances, laser labels printed with the information can save time and effort in continuously repeating the same information.

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